Sleep Apnoea


At Hamilton Dental & Prosthetic Lab we use and recommend the SomnoMed - 'SomnoDent Sleep Apnoea' appliance.


Stephanie has been trained to take the necessary Impressions and measurements required for SomnoMed to create your personalised Sleep Apnoea Device.



The process is painless and requires one visit with us for the impressions, followed by another visit to fit the device.


There are different models with features to help most conditions. It is important that you speak with us or your Dentist before spending money on other devices. Somnodent appliances have the ability to allow you to talk and drink with the device in.


For further information please contact us directly or visit:


Sleep Clinic


HDPL & Somnomed recommend Lisa Crow RPSGT, a Sleep Physiologist based at NZ Respiratory and Sleep Institute. Lisa is based in Hamilton and can do home based Sleep Clinics to assess your sleep patterns and requirements.


Contact Details: Phone: 021 670 848 or Fax: 07 829 7853



SomnoDent Sleep Apnoea Appliance


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SomnoDent Sleep Apnoea Appliance
SomnoDent Sleep Apnoea Appliance

Phone: 07 8466 905