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  • Repairs - We repair broken Dentures or Teeth on site, usually within 2 hours depending on the work required.
    • Please do not glue your Denture, it makes it more difficult (and expensive) to repair. Most common glues are not safe for use in your mouth and will leach out chemicals that are bad for your health.
  • Denture Cleaning Service - Got a special event to attend or just embarrassed about your smile? We can Professionally clean and polish your Denture giving it a new look.
    • The finished look will depend on the condition, stains and age of your Denture but we will tell you when you present them what we can do for you.
  • Reline - Is your Denture loose, won't stay in place, is food getting underneath it? Your mouth, Gums and Teeth (relative to Partial Dentures) will change over time while your Denture will not. We can reline most Dentures so they fit and function correctly, sometimes better than when new. This process usually takes a day so if you can attend an early morning appointment (before 9am) we can fit your Denture that afternoon (after 4pm).
    • Most new Dentures require a reline within the first 12 months. This is not included in the price of Dentures as we can not control when you will require it or where you will be at that time.


  • Mouth Guards - Our Mouth Guards are custom made to fit and protect your teeth. We use different thickness materials depending on the protection required or desired. Different colours are available including combinations.
  • Custom made Snore Guards, refer Sleep Apnoea.
  • An extensive range of Denture care products available on site:
    • Ultra Sonic Denture Bath - for cleaning at home.
    • Cleaning powders and liquids - for daily or weekly use.
    • Denture Boxes - for storage or travel to protect your Denture when not in use.
    • Aquapick Cleaner - this replaces Flossing, on natural teeth, by producing an adjustable strong jet of water for cleaning between teeth and around gums.

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Hamilton Dental & Prosthetic Lab stands behind the craftsmanship and quality of all its dentures. We offer a full 12 months warranty on all products made by our service (conditions apply).

If you are able to source your Denture at a cheaper price please ask them for the terms of their Warranty and where your Denture is being made.

Are your Dentures made in New Zealand?

Hamilton Dental & Prosthetic Lab use the best materials and your Denture is made on our premises by our Registered Clinical Dental Technician and technical support staff.

Often we are asked to repair broken dentures. If your denture was not made in New Zealand it is very possible that a repair will not last. This is due to poor work and low quality materials used by some overseas suppliers. While you may have saved money, it will now cost you to repair or replace those Dentures.

We cannot Guarantee Denture Repairs.



UltraSonic Denture Bath
Denture Boxes


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UltraSonic Denture Bath
Denture Boxes
UltraSonic Denture Bath
Denture Boxes

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