Full Upper and Lower Dentures

Hamilton Dental & Prosthetic Lab Ltd can manufacture a range of Dentures. Our standard denture is our lowest priced denture and is hand-crafted to a higher standard than cheaper dentures sourced from overseas.

If you are wanting better quality dentures our staff can discuss a "Thermosense" or "BPS Ivobase" Injection Moulded Denture with you.


Full Upper or Lower Denture

We can manufacture an Upper or Lower denture, if that is all you require, and can produce them to the same high quality as shown above depending on your choice of product range. We will colour match the denture teeth to match your existing teeth or denture.



Working with your Dentist we will manufacture an Immediate Denture that can be placed by your Dentist at the time of tooth extraction. Please discuss with your Dentist all the options available so we can provide you with the best quality product.



If you are missing teeth (upper or lower), or even if you have a minimum of two teeth on both sides of the arch, then we can manufacture you a partial denture to replace the missing teeth. We can manufacture the partial with either Thermosense, a metal frame or an acrylic frame and then colour match to your existing teeth.

We can add more teeth to an existing partial metal, acrylic or thermosense - however there is a maximum possible before a new partial or full denture is required.

Additions to existing Partial Dentures cannot be guaranteed.



Repairs are done on site by our staff and can usually be ready within 1.5 hours depending on the work required. We have an emergency after hours service available, just call our land-line and we"ll arrange a suitable time for drop off and pick up of your repair.

Repairs to existing Dentures cannot be guaranteed.





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